How To Sell An Old Car For The Best Price

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Here you will learn how to sell an old car and get the best possible price. The basic steps are to clean it thoroughly, gather the paperwork, check the Kelley bluebook for prices and advertise. You are probably already aware that you will get the best price if you can sell to an individual, rather than a dealer. In order to sell to someone, you need to think like a buyer.

Buyers do not buy cars that are dirty or look run down. Invest as much time and effort as you possibly can into cleaning the vehicle before you take a picture and start advertising. Clean the vehicle inside and out. Pay attention to any odors lingering in the interior. Deodorize if necessary.

Remember to clean the tires, too. You can shine them up with a special tire cleaner or just use some WD-40. You can also use WD-40 on vinyl dashboards and other surfaces, but not the steering wheel. It feels greasy for a long time.

If the seat covers are torn or damaged, consider having them repaired or replaced. New floor mats may be in order and could add the right touch to attract a buyer. Air fresheners can turn off some buyers. A clean smelling interior is more likely to be attractive.

The next step in selling an old car is to gather your paperwork. Buyers like to know about the vehicle's history. They can access information about accidents or major repairs at, so don't be tempted to lie about them.

If you have kept your maintenance records together in your owner's manual, this is where they will pay off. If you have not kept your records but you have used the same garage for as long as you have had the vehicle, you could ask for a printout. Buyers look for vehicles that have been well-maintained and they look for paperwork that proves the maintenance.

The next step for selling an old car is to decide on an asking price. Check the Kelley bluebook to get an idea. If your vehicle is actually an antique, see what information you can find about the make and model. The results of recent antique auctions are often available online.

The final step is to advertise. In order to decide how and where to advertise, you should think about where your buyers are likely to look for a used vehicle. Today, most people shop online. There are several websites designed specifically to bring auto buyers and sellers together.

In a nutshell, that's how to sell an old car. Good luck!