Tricks For Removing Old Bumper Stickers

my other car 06 bumper sticker

Wish there was a bumper sticker remover? You're far from alone. Anyone who has ever bought a used car or just lived to regret their choice from their college years knows what a headache it can be to remove an old bumper sticker from your car without destroying the paint job. Fortunately, there are some quick and easy tips that can help make those bumper stickers a thing of the past.

To remove bumper sticker you first need to reactivate the old adhesive. The longer a sticker stays on a car, the more the adhesive dries out and this forms an almost unbreakable bond with the car surface. You need to restore pliability to the adhesive in order to remove bumper stickers as this will make them more flexible and easier to peel off.

So how do you go about reactivating the adhesive? The easiest way is with a heat source. You can use a hair dryer on its highest setting or soak a washcloth or paper towel in boiling hot water and wet the entire surface of the sticker. The heat should make the sticker pliant enough to pull back one corner. You can then continue applying the heat as you slowly peel off the sticker.

For more stubborn stickers, you may need to resort to using a lubricant of some kind. WD40 is a very good bumper sticker remover, as is Goo Gone. Apply either of these liberally to the surface of the sticker and then either peel it off or gently pry it off with either a rubber spatula or a putty knife with the blade covered in duct tape. You never want to use a metal blade without protection as it could damage the surface of the car.

There are other substances which can also be employed to remove bumper sticker. Among these are nail polish remover, white vinegar and cold cream. Nail polish remover should only be used on stickers that are adhered to windows or non-painted surfaces, as it can eat away at paint. But for stickers on windows and windshields, a little nail polish remover and a razor blade work wonders.

Cold cream may sound like an odd thing to use to remove bumper stickers, but it is actually quite effective. All you do is rub the cold cream over the entire surface of the sticker and give it a few seconds to soak in and you should be able to peel off the sticker with very little effort.

White vinegar is another effective bumper sticker remover. Simply soak a paper towel in white vinegar and lay it on top of the sticker for several minutes. It should soak through the paper and soften up the adhesive so that you can then peel or gently scrape it off the bumper, window or whatever part of the car it's stuck to.

Old bumper stickers can become an eyesore, but there is no reason why you have to live with them forever. Use any of these quick tips involving simple products you can find around your home and you'll be rid of that annoying bumper sticker for good!