Funny Bumpers Stickers Examples And Suggestions

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Practically everyone loves funny bumpers stickers. Of course, one person might find something hilarious and another could think it's not funny at all. Keep that in mind as you read through these examples. We tried to leave out anything that might be considered offensive and apologize in advance if you don't find these humorous.

"Ever stop to think ... and forget to start again?" You've probably seen a lot of drivers that don't seem to be thinking at all. Some of the cars people drive make us wonder what they were thinking when they bought them.

"Guns don't kill people. Drivers with cell phones do." That's a good one to have when you pass someone that has obviously been talking on their phone while they should have been trying to stay between the lines. In some states, cell phone use while driving is now illegal. Hurray for those states!

Like math? How about this one? "4 out of 3 people have trouble with fractions." Took you a minute, didn't it?

Tired of friends asking to use your pickup truck for moving from one apartment to another? Here's the right saying for you. "Yes, this is my truck. No, I won't help you move." The sticker says it all. You could just point at it the next time someone asks.

Some bumper sayings are perfect for certain people. For example, "Clear the road. I'm sixteen!" That's perfect for your son or daughter who just started driving. Sneaky parents could put it on the back of their teen's car without their knowledge to warn everyone else out there.

If you want to say something personal, think about your hobbies. There are lots of cute bumper sayings designed with fishermen and golfers in mind. Here are a couple:

Work is For People Who Don't Know How to Fish

It Takes a Lot of Balls to Golf Like I Do

There are thousands of other examples. Many of them are political in nature. If you want to express your views on politics to the people following you down the road, you certainly can. Of course, you might insult somebody. But, who cares, right?

Politics and religion are topics that many people avoid, just to be polite. There are plenty of funny sayings with religious connotations, too, which we chose not to include here. It's always possible to find funny bumpers stickers that don't offend anyone. They make sitting in traffic a lot more entertaining for everyone.