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i came i saw i hit and i ran 01 bumper sticker

If you're not one to wear loudmouth t-shirts, express yourself on your car. Our unique and funny bumper stickers are for those of you who are looking for something rude, silly, sarcastic, clever, or just "different" to slap on your car's rear end, whether it's an old clunker or a luxury car. They can even provide you with a safe and legal outlet to vent your road rage as you barrel down the highway exercising your right to free speech.

We offer bumper stickers in a wide variety of categories (see menu above) that include funny warnings, "my other car," rednecks, love, road rage, and other popular themes. If you're driving around in something that is on its last leg and fit to be towed, our funny bumper sticker sayings can be just the thing you need to divert attention away from that loose muffler and a host of other defects that didn't pass the last inspection. Or, you can use our creations to cover up those old bumper stickers from the Eisenhower era that are impossible to remove even with a blow torch. Last but not least, they also make great cheap gifts for your friends and relatives.

So pull over, take a load off, and have fun browsing our collection of funny bumper stickers and sayings. We also offer many other funny-themed products that include mugs, t-shirts, magnets, posters, aprons, mousepads, keychains, and a bunch of other assorted items.

Oh yeah, one more thing ... If you have a favorite slogan or saying that you can't find in our collection and want to get your message across, let us walk you through the process of making your own bumper sticker. Give it a try. It's easy and it's fun. Or if you prefer, feel free to drop us a note anytime with suggestions for products you'd like to see.